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Game Info:

Use the state of art licensed farming machines with all the modern and latest generation machines for Farming. Travel for many places and regions including Asia,North&South America and also to Europe for planting the crops that grows only in specific regions that may include beans of coffee,peas, hemp, and also olives. Complete your farming through the different and unique ways to produce more and more cash crops for development, by the help of three different modes of the Pure Farming 2018 Game For PC that are not only for the experts but also for the new ones or beginners.

Game Play/Features:

The main features of Pure Farming 2018 includes the choice of farming the crops,going to the ares where the suitable crops can be grown, and the option of selling them .





System Requirements:


➤ Operating System: Window of version vista,10,8,,8.1,7 of 64 bit.
➤ Computer Processor: Processor of Core I5 With 3 Giga Hertz
➤ Random Acess Memory: 4 Giga Bytes RAM
➤ Graphic's Card: Ge-force 560 GTX of 2 Giga Bytes.
➤ DirectX: Version 11 of Direct-X is required.
➤ Free Hard-Disk Storage: 5 Giga Bytes should be available for the game.


➤ Operating System: Window's of Version 7/8/8.1/10 of 64 Bit.
➤ Processor: Processor of Core I7 of 3.0 or higher .
➤ RAM: 8 Giga Bytes of RAM.
➤ Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 970 of 4 Giga Bytes
➤ DirectX: Version 11.
➤ Free Hard Disk Space: 5 Giga Bytes should be available space.

Installation Instructions:

➤ Download all the parts of the game without skipping any part if any part of the game is skipped then you will not be able to enjoy the game.
➤ After downloading all the parts of the game then start extracting the parts one by one.
➤ When the extraction process comes to an open the first of the game by double clicking no it.
➤ Select the install option when the installation windows appears.
Clicks on the install, and the game part one will start installing.
➤ After installing the first part of the game install all the other parts of the game one by one.
After installation of all the parts of the game go the folder where the game has been installed and open it.
➤ Open the pure farming 2018.exe as administrator.
➤ Enjoy the game.

                                      PASSWORD : tonnesofgames       

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