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Game Info:

Ready to go and to get the race the race on the floor or in the underground areas.Rush out for it to get the prize or the reward.

The theme of Need For Speed 2016 PC game revolves around the player and group of racers waiting to be observed by any of the game five icons, all of the racers look like the real world motor-sport and street racing records. When the objective is accomplished, the player receives some for his hard-work and courage money and rank among the other racers and the people he come across along the way.

This is incredible, it’s sounds are fantastic, and it’s controls are quite standard like arcade games, some games like Ghost Games have involved a welcome spell  of gradation by providing us tune our cars for both grip or drift. Need For Speed 2016 PC Game has new and more interesting features of playing game, that includes  unlocked frame rate with 4K resolution, manual transmission, and also have support  of steering wheel for the selection of  steering wheels. One of the initial things that you’ll notice when tackling the car of the opponent is the skill to modify your attitude.  In the Game options for rake and either front and rear track width, and you can also create  and upgrade the skills of the driver  and the parts of the cars . Suspension tuning is over and done with your camber. With the angle on both the front and rear wheels are  being set separately then it is easy and you will get the ability to create some in reality out of this world looking cars.

Game Play/Features:

In Need For Speed 2016 PC game the cars shimmer with beautiful water droplets and the streets twinkle, a shiny textile of mirror like asphalt that reflects the artificial light from all viewpoint. Need For Speed , the sounds of the racing vehicles and their high flamed nitros are so ear poking noises. Enjoy the game and also  the absolute fun of driving.

Need For Speed 2016 PC game is the racing  game. The challenges will be held  in different street figures  and in different road styles. There are laps which has to be completed in time given in order to get the reward on approaching 1st 2nd and 3rd  .The reward is then utilized in improving the player skills and for upgrading the player skills. Races are held in different parts of the world with different tracks. Some tracks are locked that can unlocked by completing the missions. Objectives of missions sometimes shows up alongside the well being readout. Every missions occurs in an open areas which is densely populated with the non player characters. Map help us to find our destination and also the location of the players that are either behind or far away. What’s more the most important feature of this game are the cars  of different styles and colour. We can unlock them by completing missions or levels and also by utilizing the cash.





System Requirements:

*Personal Computer Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
*Random Access Memory: 6 Giga bytes
*Operating system or Window: Windom 7/8/8.1 or higher
*Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 2GB, and Direct X 11 compatible with 2GB 
*Free Hard Disk Space  32 Giga bytes

Installation Instructions:

*First of all download all the parts of the game for example part 1,part 2,part 3 from our given download links don't skip any part it is necessary to download all the parts of the game otherwise the game will show errors or wont start or install normally.
*After downloading all the parts of the extract all the files with the help of the winrar extractor to extract the game parts if another winrar file comes then also extract it as we have highly compressed the game for preventing the difficulties in the downloading process
*After extraction process open the files or parts of the game by double clicking on it and select the option which is named as "install" after clicking it the part or the file of the game start installing after installation apply this process to all the parts or files of the game
*When the files has been installed go the destination folder where the game has been installed and search for icon of the game named as ".exe" open it by double clicking on it and an important measure should be taken which is that it should be opened as "administrator" because of the rights which is granted to the administrator of the PC has much significance in opening the game.
*Enjoy your game.

                     PASSWORD : tonnesofgames

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