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                        hitman pc game full version

Game Info:

Hitman Absolution pc game is categorized under stealth video game in the categories of the pc games which is developed by the IO Interactive and released by the Square Enix. It is the fifth version in the Hitman gam series and runs on the two gaming engines of the IO Interactives. Before the publication, the developers had said that the this game is easier to play and it would be more controllable. The game was released in the 47th week after the publication of Hitman 47 only for Microsoft Windows for instance windows 7/8/10/8.1 etc, PS3 and also Xbox 360. The May 15, 2014, it was then released for the Operating Systems for personal computers. It contains all previously published download-able contents, including the Hitman Sniper Challenge game.

Game Play:

Hitman Absolution game for PC is in the category of the stealth games in which the player has the role of the Asassni whose name is 47, which is seen from the view-point of the third person. There are so many different and interesting objectives in the numerous missions of the game. Targets are found only at the end of the mission when the mission has been completed, after the target or the enemy has been killed. The players in the game has to choose the way in which he wants to complete the missions , with the different ways inorder to complete the mission. Players can use many instruments including pistol, galss bottles, stones, rifles, guns, fiber or steel pipes that is used against the enemies or the targets. If you want to kill the enemies or the targets while not been seen by the surrounding people or by the guards then you have to approach to the target by the tactical approach to the enemy. The Agent 47 has also that ability to know the the targets that are easiest to kill or to wipe-out. Many other ways and techniques are available to kill the targets including poisoning the food, making a disco ball being fallen on the person, making a huge explosion in the gas or the cylinder station, pulling a switch to fall any high-weighted thing on the person, making a trap of fire-works. The player passes through a very interesting series of events through the game. The players travel to different places  while completing the mission, including mansion, a library, strip-club, an armory, wrestling area, the court-house of the plot.

In Hitman Absolution Game for PC ,after the other or past series of this game,the specialist 47 has a part of the assasin. without clarification, International Contract Agency (ICA) selling out damage financing and database to vanish with the disarray that took after. After ICA had been changed, 47 has the mission with his new handler Benjamin Travis, a senior authority of the CIA, slaughtering Diana for his treachery and recover assets of the organization; a young person named Victoria his home in Chicago, Illinois. 47 sneaks into his home and shoots Diana. Rather than completion it's 47 support her diminishing companion and ask her for what good reason she double-crossed CIA. Diana finds Victoria has been hereditarily changed to take care of business of accomplishment for the CIA. Who does not need an indistinguishable destiny from Victoria 47, they sell out the CIA and fled with it. As a last demand of Diana, 47 the consent to ensure Victoria, Travis him a double crosser brand.

After 47 Victoria drops to conceal Rosewood Orphanage, he contacts his sources, Birdie, for data about Victoria and ICA, which Birdie consents to give 47 killed wrongdoing supervisor in Chinatown for him. In the wake of cutting standardized identification tattoo of your head and gives her Silverballers Birdie, Birdie 47 is educated by a man named Blake Dexter, head of Dexter Industries, an organization in the home resistance, remaining at Terminus Hotel. 47 sneaks into the short living place for the travellers and gain from a discussion from amongst the Dexter and the secretary of the dexter ,Layla Stockton in his pent-house the Dexter wishes to make in his ownss hands the Victoria and pitch to the most note-worthy bidder.

Screen shots:

the gameplay photos of the hitman absolution

sownload the full setup of hitman game series

gameplay of hitman absolution pc game

System Requirements:


➤ Operating system:  Windows 7/vita/8/8.1/10
➤ Processor:  Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 Ghz of processor
➤ Random Acess Memory:  Minimum 2 GB RAM
➤ Graphic's Card: Nvidia Ge-force 8600 or AMD equivalent of 512 Mega Bytes
➤ Free Hard Disk Space: Free space of 24 Giga Bytes
➤ DirectX : Version 10 of DirectX is required
➤ DirectX: compatible sound-card is required


➤ Operating System: Windows 7/8/10/8.1 of 64 bits is recommended
➤ Processor: Core i7 processor or more
➤ Random Acess Memory:  4 Giga Bytes of RAM is needed or more
➤ Graphics card:  Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 , ATI Radeon HD 5770 of 1 Giga Bytes is needed or more
➤ Hard Disk Space: At least 24 GB or more
➤ DirectX version:  11 version of DirectX or higher
➤ DirectX Compatible Sound Card is just requierd.

Installation Instructions:

➤ Download all the parts of the game, from our given download links, without skipping any download parts, otherwise the game won't work, because it is necessary to have all the game files.
➤ Open one-by-one parts of the game by double clicking on it, for the extraction process
➤ After extraction of all the game files open each and every file of the game 
➤ Select the install option by clicking on the "install" button
➤ After installation go to game folder and open the icon named as "hitman absolution.exe" it must be run as an administrator to run the game otherwise it wont work
➤Enjoy the game

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