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WWE 2K18 Free Download PC Game Download:

                        the 2k18 pc game download full setup

Game Info:

WWE 2K18 PC Game brings you more and more closer to the arena,  the stunning graphics, excitement, drama,additional matches, new games modes, high control over the players, and all the things which you wanted to do in WWE, can be done here.

Game Play;

WWE 2K18 Game has a new match type which is the eight men match,new system of grapple, many interesting events and a huge backstage area. You will have to fight man y and many matches inorder to get to the wwrestle mania and make its yours. Discover WWE through free roaming, preparing for the next matches, meeting WWE Superstars, making friends and enemies, and finding out more valued things.

The options available in the this game has an interesting new feature through which one can create their own matches by choosing their opponents. It also gives an other option for Creating a WWE Super-star, Creating some videos, and also Create-an-Arena.By creating the player or the WWE Superstar you can select its skills,strengths,power,tactics,techniques and much more and beat your opponent within less time.Once you have won all the matches for example one on one,fatal four way, triple threat match then you will have to go to the wrestle-mania for the high ranked matches for example WWE Championship or also universal championship to beat the current universal champion and get the title named to you.The main feature is also the ability to go the Backstage area to meet other players or make them you enemy.

Matches Types:

*Triple threat match
*Fatal Four-way
*Three o s
*Money in the Bank
*Matches in the Wrestle mania
*One on One
*Grave-yard matches
*Summer Slam
*Battle Royal
*Women matches are also the given types


the screenshots of 2k18 pc game

game play shots of 2k18 pc game

the game play photos of wwe 2k18

photos of the game play of the wwe 2k18 game for pc

the 2k18 game for pc download

System Requirements:

➤ Operating System:Windows 7/8/8.1/10/vista of 64 Bytes is required to run the game.
➤ Processor of computer: Processor core-i7 or higher.
➤ Random Acess Memory: 8 Giga Bytes of RAM.
➤ Graphics's card: Nvidia GPU Ge-Force 970 or AMD Radeon 290X.
➤ DirectX: Version 11 of Direct X.
➤ Hard Disk Storage: 50 Giga Bytes should be available for the game.
➤ Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible sound card.

Installation Instructions:

➤ First step of downloading and installation process is that you have to download all the parts of the game from our provided download links,no part should be skipped otherwise the game won't work.Therefore it is strongly recommended to download all the files.
➤ After downloading all the parts of the game,open each part or file by double clicking on it and click on the option "install" it will start installing
➤ After the installation of the first part apply this to all the other parts and install all of them.
➤ The given software is also required in order to install and download the game.
➤ After installing all the game parts open the folder where the game has been installed and search for the "2k18.exe" icon and open it by double clicking on it. The game must be opened with the administrator.
➤ Enjoy your Game.

                                    PASSWORD : tonnesofgames             


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