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Medal O f Honor PC Game Free Download Full Version-Break Through


Game Info

Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game is a first-person shooter video game made in the year 2002. This game is made by Electronics Arts in 2015, Inc. Published by EA Games .This game was made for the Microsoft Windows for personal computers. The date of release was 22 January, in North America and in February, 2002, in the Europe. A Mac Operating System X version was also unrestricted in August 2002. An unfinished Linux version was also released in about 2004. Allied Assault account is the third game in the Medal of Honor string. It’s the very earliest game in the series of the Microsoft Windows for computers, and the only game in the series with extension packs, In the spring of 2014. Medal of Honor Airborne is also available for download for the personal computers.

Game Play

In Medal Of Honor Game For PC In the contest, the player takes out the task of Lieutenant, Mike Powell of the United States Military Rangers who works for the OSS. Single player mission  involves aggressive German base in Algiers and Norway, invading Omaha Beach on D-Day, and saving comrade. The game’s degree tend to be compare to Steven Spielberg’s in the 1998 movie of the Saving Private Ryan; a lot of of the level are straight quotation of the landscape “or still complete sequence as in the Omaha Beach assignment” in the movie.

In Medal Of Honor PC Game just the once a game member of staff serving at table and category is selected the match starts in viewer mode as well as the player can select among joining the friends or the axis then decide on the kinds of weapons. The game utilize a point classification, adding points for the number of rounds and kills, deduct points of death points for suicides and abridgement killed.

in Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game Multiplayer comprise four dissimilar ways. Death-match in which every participant has to kill everyone as well and get the top score, The Team in a Death-match when wants to kill other teams and get the highest score, Round Based which is related in game play to Death-match but counts the rounds in its place of the score and “purpose” style in which a player must succeed the most rounds by finishing coursework.

Screen Shots




System Requirements:

➤ Central Processing Unit: Pentium 3 or equivalent

➤ Central Processing Unit (CPU) Speed/rate: 500 Mega Hrtz
➤ Randmo Access Memory: 256 Mega Bytes of RAM needed for Windows 2000 or XP
➤ Operating System: Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/8.1/10/2000/ME
➤ Graphics Card: 16 Mega Bytes of graphics card of NVIDIA Or Amd Radon
➤ DirectX of any version should be present
➤ Sound Card: Yes, DirectX Compatible sound card is required
➤ Free Hard Disk Space: 2 Giga Bytes

Installation Instructions

➤ Download all the parts of the Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game from our given download links you should download all the game parts and no parts should be skipped , as it is obligatory to download all the game parts. Otherwise the game wont work or install properly due to the mission of the game files and it will show some of the main types of errors that occurs in most of the game that is downloaded pirated or from IN authorised website other then our website

➤ After downloading all the game parts or archives , start the extraction process , in this process you have to install the winrar file extractor as enunciated below, start extracting all the game parts one by one, till the all files are extracted and then foll up the next step.

➤ Install the game files one by one  when the above process is completed, also like the downloading process also it is the same that you should install all the game files without skipping any one, otherwise it will also shown up or end up with the same error that the game files are missing, therefore install all of the mentioned game parts, with full patience. 

➤ When the installation process or has been completed then go to the location where the game parts or the whole game has been installed and search for the folder which will be named as the same name of the game, open it by double clicking on it , when the next windows appears, search for the game icon which will be named as the same as the game with “.exe” written in the end and open it by double clicking on it.

➤ Now the game has been successfully installed and now enjoy your game 

➤ Keep Visiting our website for more updates and games with full setup and highly compressed ability , which works fully without any errors, or if some errors are shown  contact us via our email or the contact form, we will help you from the bottom our hearts , and will try you to satisfy you, and also your game.

➤ Enjoy the Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC Game.



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