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Battle field 4 PC Game Free Download-Reloaded


Game Info

Battle field 4 PC Game Free Download is a first person game for personal computers which categorized under the shooting games for PC .It is made by familiar video game maker, the Electronics Arts DICE and releases by the Electronic Arts. It is published after the Battlefield 3 game of PC, and was being broadcast in 2013 in the North America, in 1 November, 2013 in Europe, New Zealand and 7 November, 2013 and at the end of October, 2013 in Australia, in Japan for the Microsoft Window for personal computers, Xbox 360 & 1, PS3, and PS4. Battle field 3 is also available for downloading.

Game Play

The game's HUD is in two rectangles like boxes.Battle field 4 PC Game Free Download The lower left hand rectangle box features a mini map and a guide for navigation, and also a beginner’s necessary objectives teller on the top, the lower right rectangle includes compact ammo and a health meter, that tells about our current health. The top right give you the ability for killing notifications of all game players. In the Microsoft Windows operating systems of the video games for PC, the top left has a chatting window when we are in the multi-player mode. The mini map, shows the main game screen including this, it also shows symbol that have three kinds of entity: blue for friends, orange for our targets or enemies and green for our team-mates, these colors apply to all of the communications in battlefield or the war region. 

Battle field 4 PC Game Free Download will attribute all new modern character models for the three segments. The multilayer mode typeset models have made a complete renovate, and the features are shown that can be easily contrasted from part to part. Furthermore, players will be able to unlock different camas for each group.

China goes again as a section in Battlefield 4. The new segment will quality its own excellent weapons and vehicles, and will also be a great contract featured in the single-player manner. The additional two faction stay after the United States and Russia.

Lively faction: newest features called dynamic factions permit any of the three factions to play in conflict to one another on any atlas. Server carrier can decide to randomize factions after ward than every round.

Control has been restored in Battle field 4 PC Game Free Download. Repression has been toned down on all weapons separately from the sniper rifles and light of day machine guns. There is no longer an accuracy penalty when below inhibition, as alternative, players will information a capacity sway.

It has less important monitor support. PC players will be skilled to use their low-grade monitors or laptop if possible as an ensuing screen, where they can mention the small map and a lot more. Platoon will go support in Battle field 4 PC Game Free Download. Also, the players will be able to add their platoon emblem to the vehicles that are needed for support during the war in video game

Screen Shots




                  Minimum System Requirements:

Battle field 4 PC Game Free Download
 Operating System:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10  of 64 bit 
 Processor:  Core 2 Duo with 2.8 GHZ 
 Random access memory (RAM) : 4 Giga Bytes 
 Free Hard Space:  30 Giga Bytes
 Graphics Card: AMD Radon 3870 

             Recommended System Requirements:

Battle field 4 PC Game Free Download
 Operating System: Windows 8 of 6 bits windows 8.1 or 10 if possible
 Computer Processor: Core I5 Or above
 RAM: 8 Giga Bytes or more
 Free Hard Disk Space needed: 30 Giga Bytes
 Graphic’s Card: AMD Radon 7870 or more .
 Graphics Card: 3 Giga Bytes

Installation Instructions
Battle field 4 PC Game Free Download

 Download all the parts of the game from our given download links you should download all the game parts and no parts should be skipped , as it is obligatory to download all the game parts. Otherwise the game wont work or install properly due to the missiong of the game files and it will show some of the main types of errors that occurs in most of the game that is downloaded piratedly or from un authorized website other then our website

 After downloading all the game parts or archives , start the extraction process , in this process you have to install the winrar file extractor as encunciated below, start extracting all the game parts one by one, till the all files are extracted and then follw up the next step.

 Install the game files one by one  when the above process is completed, also like the downloading process also it is the same that you should install all the game files without skipping any one, otherwise it will also shown up or end up with the same error that the game files are missing, therefore install all of the mentioned game parts, with full patience. 

 When the installation process has been overed or has been completed then goto the location where the game parts or the whole game has been installed and search for the folder which will be named as the same name of the game, open it by double clicking on it , when the next windows appears, search for the game icon which will be named as the same as the game with “.exe” written in the end and open it by double clicking on it.

  Now the game has been successfully installed and now enjoy your game 
Keep Visiting our website for more updates and games with full setup and highly compressed ability , which works fully without any errors, or if some errors are shown then contact us via our email or the contact form, we will help you from the bottom our hearts , and will try you to satisfy you, and also your game.
 Enjoy the game.

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