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Game Info

Hitman Blood Money PC Game is an interesting game for PC which is categorized as a stealth video game, it is made by the IO Inter actives and released by the Eidos. This game was first released only for the Personal computers but after some time it has also been released for the Microsoft Windows/XBOX/Play station 2 etc.

The story of this game is mostly focused on an Assassin who can do every thing to complete his missions assigned to him and he works as an assassin. Many agencies are following and looking for him for many of years. The game also highlights the time period when the Hitman came to the united states it is also a very successful game till now and it has sold over about 2.1 million copies of video games

Game Play

In Hitman Blood Money PC Game, every mission involves the death of one or two persons. Between him and the completion of his object there are some obstacles which includes security check-points,the guards,and some other obstacles. The whole of the game's missions involves the use of the map. This map shows the whole area and site of objectives plus players which are controlled. To complete his missions he can take any risk and any danger but he should also be very careful while eliminating the enemies mean he should be aware of the spectators and other neighbours or other witnesses.While completing the mission he would face so many problem and obstacles but one should be fully conscious of it to prevent the interference of it in the missions. The killing and eliminating of enemies and the blood shedding process is just like a tradition which is normal to the player.

In Hitman Blood Money PC Game Many more new and interesting features are available in this game.These features includes the  power and strength of passing through the obstacles,not being caught by the enemies,the improved unarmed combat strength is also a main feature of this game or putting the unconscious bodies in the bins or containers,the upgrading of different weapons are also available. Five brackets are included in the game for different kinds of weapons for instance bombs,rifles,grenades,flash bangs,launchers.Every mission in Hitman Blood Money PC Game is done with so much skill that it looks like the accident of the target for example the player kills the target in this way that it looks that he has been fallen from a balcony or more. Many and many instruments are available for the player to use them in the missions knives,pistols,rifles,shot guns,bombs,cutters and other instruments are also available.

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System Requirements

Hitman Blood Money PC Game
*Windows: /7/8/2000/XP of Pentium 4 with 1.5Ghz of processor
*Random Acess Memory:512 Mega Bytes of RAM
*Direct x: Direct x of version 9.0 is required to run the game with sound card compatible
*Free space:5 Giga Bytes of free hard disk space should be available for the game

Installation Instructions
Hitman Blood Money PC Game

*First of all download all the parts of the game for example part 1,part 2,part 3 from our given download links don't skip any part it is necessary to download all the parts of the game otherwise the game will show errors or wont start or install normally.
*After downloading all the parts of the extract all the files with the help of the winrar extractor to extract the game parts if another winrar file comes then also extract it as we have highly compressed the game for preventing the difficulties in the downloading process
*After extraction process open the files or parts of the game by double clicking on it and select the option which is named as "install" after clicking it the part or the file of the game start installing after installation apply this process to all the parts or files of the game
*When the files has been installed go the destination folder where the game has been installed and search for icon of the game named as ".exe" open it by double clicking on it and an important measure should be taken which is that it should be opened as "administrator" because of the rights which is granted to the administrator of the PC has much significance in opening the game.
*Enjoy Hitman Blood Money PC Game


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