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Hitman 3 Contracts PC Game Free Download

the hitman 3 download

Hitman 3 Contracts PC Game is an incredible stealth game for pc, which is made by the IO Inter-actives and released by the Eidos Inter-actives. Hitman 3 Contracts game for PC was first of all released only for Microsoft Windows, PS2 and Xbox.It is probably the third game of the Hitman Series. You would also like the Hitman 2 silent asassin PC Game also.


Hitman 3 Contracts PC Game starts from a an incredible person who is Hitman. Who is sent to different locations to kill or assasinate the enemies or target. This PC Game will show you the best and also entertaining way through the accomplishment of the missions. While going through the missions the players can also find different useful things to collect and may be used for the support in the missions.Several ways are included in this game to kill the targets including gun shot or by the use other weaponry but some other interesting ways are also used to kill the enemies which may involves mixing the food with poisons,including toxins or arranging. The players of Hitman 3 Contracts are given rating on the basis of the shots they had fired,number of enemies killed plus the quantity of innocents which have been killed by them also the amount in numbers on which the guards have been alert for the players.

Challenges are actually a type of missions which can be attempted at any or given location.

Challenges do not effects on your main or total score, so you can't be involved complete in Challenges, to get a Silent Assassin rank, which is the greatest rank in Hitman. Instead is just a type of training in HItman 3 Contracts Game of PC ,that will help to master your skills,which would unlock better opportunities and new missions plus locations for you.

If you have completed any mission you would be rewarded for it for instance some money but if you completed it again and again then you will not be rewarded again.

Targets are many times difficult than the normal missions therefore one must be fully confident in taking the assignments. Your confidence and experience values in killing the targets because you will be given only one shot to kill the enemy before they escapes. The instinct ability cannot be used to kill a target, and the target will also wont appear on the map.Therefore the player Will have to work very hard for the killing of his Targets.

Hitman 3 Contracts PC game Screen shots:

hitman 3 contracts gameplay

photos of the game play of hitman 3 contracts

free hitman 3 images

System Requirements for Hitman 3 Contracts PC game:

*Operating System: Windows version of 2000/07/08/8.1/10/XP.
*Processor: Pentium IV 1 GHZ Fir better performance.
*Random Access Memory: 256 Mega Bytes of RAM.
*Graphics:DirectX 8.1 compatible with 3D accelerator video card with at least 32Mega bytes.
*Free hard disk Storage: 2 Giga Bytes should be available space.

Installation Instructions for Hitman 3:

*First of all download all the parts or archives also download the above mentioned software for the saily installation of the game.
*After downloading all the parts open each part separately by double clicking on it .
*After opening the archives click "Extract Here" the game files will start extracting.
*When the extraction process has been completed  open the extracted file by double clicking on it.
*Click on install button and the game will start the installation process.
*When the installation process has been overedgo the folder of the game for example where the game has been installed then search for the game nae with icon and .exe file and open it by clicking double on it you must open it by the administrator .
*Enjoy the Hitman 3 contracts PC Game.


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