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Psychonauts Highly Compressed Download Free For PC


Psychonauts highly compressed pc download free is a Psychonauts is a game in the "Adventure" category. game. It was released on 2010 and is published all over the world on different platforms.  

This installment was developed by the DoubleFine. A young psychic named Razputin joins a summer camp for gifted children to uncover a sinister plot threatening the minds of both his peers and mentors. This, a critically acclaimed video game, features a diverse cast of characters, ranging from psychic campers to bizarre figments of imagination, totaling over 60 unique personalities. Each character is intricately designed with distinct traits, backstories, and abilities, contributing to the game's rich narrative and immersive world-building experience.


System Requirements Of Psychonauts Highly Compressed


OS: Microsoft Windows 7/ Microsoft Windows XP/ Microsoft Windows 8/ Microsoft Windows 8.1

Processor: Minimum: Core i3

Random Access Memory Or RAM: 512MB

Graphics or Video Card: 1 GB

Free Space: 6GB

Sound Card: 


OS: Microsoft Windows 8/ Microsoft Windows 8.1/ Microsoft Windows Vista, 7/ Microsoft Windows 10

Processor:  Core i5

Random Access Memory Or RAM: 8GB 

Graphics or Video Card:  2GB

Free Space: 40 GB 

Sound Card: 

Psychonauts highly compressed pc game download

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