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George’s Memories EP.1 PC Game Free Download

George’s Memories EP.1 PC Game Free Download-PLAZA


George’s Memories EP.1 PC Game Free Download With Single And Direct Download link For Windwos. It is an amazing casual, simulation, adventure and an indie game of PC. The release date of this game is 21 of July 2018.

George’s Memories EP.1 PC Game includes interactive quest from the first person or its point of view, explaining or saying about the life of George – a common or an ordinary middle-aged man, who can not become familiar with his past. In this game you have go along and a great route or way with him from the time of his childhood to the present or the current time, to plunge into the unknown or the hidden secrets of the past and become familiar about what George hides or prevent from showing from everyone – even from himself.

GamePlay Screenshots Of George's Memories EP.1 PC Game


System Requirements (Min&Rec)

⦿ Operating System which is also called as OS: Microsoft Windows 7/ Microsoft Windows VISTA/ Microsoft Windows 8/ Microsoft Windows 8.1
⦿ PC's or personal computer's Processor: It should be Fx-6300, i5-2400
⦿ Random Access Memory which is also called as RAM: About 4 Giga Bytes should be the RAM for the game
⦿ Video card or Graphics: Card should be of gtx 660, hd 7870
⦿ Version of DirectX: Version 10
⦿ Storage of Hdd or hard disk: About 3 Giga Bytes of available space is needed for the game
⦿ Extra or Additional Notes: Gtx 660 for HD ultra settings

How To Download & Install George Memories EP.1 PC Game

⦿ First of all download the Required software which is needed for the game from our provided download link
⦿ After that Click on the game's download button and then download the torrent file of the game
⦿ Then you have to open the file and then download the game's files
⦿ After that install the game
⦿ Open the game's icon which will have .exe written in the end
⦿ Enjoy the game

George's Memories EP.1 PC Game Free Download Crakced By PLAZA In Single And Direct Download Link

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