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Free Download Age Of Mythology PC Game 


Free Download Age Of Mythology PC Game that is also known as AOM is widely known as strategy game among the gamers and the players, it is urbanized by the known game makers which is the Ensemble Studios and got free for play by Microsoft Game Studios. it has been re-leased in the calendar of gregorian in month thirty, at the year 2002 .

A series from the Age of Empires chains or strings,Free Download Age Of Mythology PC Game has a number of its inspiring things from mythology and legends of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Norse, instead of real events that occured in the history . 

Age of Mythology was commercially productive, going atomic number 78 four months when its unharness when merchandising over a meg units. In 2003, it had been followed by associate degree growth pack, Age of Mythology: The Titans. On May 8, 2014, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition was discharged for Windows via Steam. This was followed by a second growth pack, Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, discharged on Jan twenty eight, 2016.

Free Download Age Of Mythology PC Game is an real time line of attack video game urbanized by Microsoft Game Studios. subsequent to an powerful fight by means of the age of empires succession, its the time to go deeper into the chronological past of mankind and play within the past cities of the accurate god. In dissimilarity to the prior titles within the age of empire, the age of mythology first and foremost focus on the myths and legends of Greek, Egyptian and norse culture. The movement is centered crossways the atlantean admiral, Arkantos who’s hassled to expedition by funds of the lands of the three civilization. Looking for a Cyclops who seeks to initiate the titan Kronos.

The member will play the role of one of 9 chronological civilization. In Free Download Age Of Mythology PC Game The players will report their players to the enormity mastering all of the points of their empire meeting possessions, inspiring armies, attempt move aggressively in resistance to enemy, establish valuable trade routes, rising manufacturing and advance by way of 4 distinct age. By means of this plan the players of this game will have the aptitude to overcome and give defeat to the enemy  and triumph over city and civilization. In Ages of Mythaology game you will have to be very careful about your army and your invasion on other regions, one will have to be conscious about their assets work for the betterment for their weapon like instruments or that are used instead of weapons be strong physically as well as mentally and face the enemies with full bravely and valour to defeat them and make your army reign over the whole continent .The game has the option the three game playable characters jointly with, Egyptians Greeks  and Norse. The game as well options the 3D graphic properties. Age of Mythology options 4 main resources meals, wooden, gold and act of kindness.

GamePlay Screenshots Of Age Of Mythology


System Requirements (Min&Rec)

⦿ Operating System or OS : Windows Home of Version 7/8/8.1/10 preferably of 64-bits as all the games run smoothly with these types of bits windwos
⦿   Computer Processor : Pentium 4 With 1.5 Giga hertz  or AMD processor 
⦿  Random Access memory OR RAM : 1 Giga Bytes (GB) of RAM
⦿  DirectX :Version  of Direct X should be present
⦿  Graphic’s Card or Also known as Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 with 512 MB Mega Bytes of VRAM  
⦿  Free Hard Disk Space : 6 Giga Bytes should be present for the game to work or install properly
Free Download Age Of Mythology PC Game

⦿  Processor : Intel Core 1 Duo 1.6 Giga hertz  or AMD processor or higher than this
⦿  Random Access memory RAM :  1 Giga Bytes (GB) of RAM
⦿   DirectX : Version 10 or 11 of Direct X should be present
⦿  Graphic’s Card or Also known as Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 with 1 GB of VRAM  
⦿  Free Hard Disk Space : 6 Giga Bytes should be present for the game to work or install properly

How To Download & Install Mythology Game

⦿ Download all the parts of the game from our official website and download links, other wise these instructions wont work for the game. For downloading ,Free Download Age Of Mythology PC Game
 just click on the download button that is given for the viewer or for the user , it will redirect you to a web page with all the game download links presented one by one , you have to download all the game parts one after the another.

⦿ After downloading all the parts or the files of game start extracting them with the help of Winrar File Extractor, for extracting the files just select the option of “Extract Here” and it will be automatically extracted in the specified location. Choose a location that meets the above mentioned space of hard drive.

⦿ When the extracting process has been overed install all the parts of the game , for installation just right click on the game setup and select option of “Install now” , it will be started at some time .

⦿ If the installation has been completed go to the game folder (where the game been installed or rooted or fed) search for the icon of the game that is named as game name with “.exe” this is the launcher of the game therefore open it by clicking two times or double on it . This will take you to the main screen of the game  , remember all the above processes should b e done with the permission of the admin, due to some special privileges.
⦿ Enjoy the game


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