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Call of Duty WWII including Zombies DLCs and Multiplayer PC Game Free Download


Game Info:

Call of Duty WWII PC Game  is made by the Co Inter actives and it is a part of the great series of the shooting and adventure game which is released after the WWI PC Game. This game is a very high compressed game for PC,it is a first-person shooting game for PC with the realistic and modern gaming experiences, the modes are as the featuring stunning visuals Campaign with Multiplayer, and single player mode.

It gives you a very realistic and a breathtaking experiences that gives a realistic view of World War II. Located near the Normady and brings the real like scenes of the historical war. Experience classic Call of Duty wars,the connection between comrades and the not forgiving war against the greatest enemy of all the time the tyranny.The graphics of this game is so high and realistic that someone feels as they are in the real battle and co-ordinating their actions.

Game Play:

It gives the gamer such experience that one will feel as the real World War II .Many real weapons and traditional guns,rifles,launchers and action fills you in a vast area of World War II real-like events.Multiplayer gives a way to real,like the real boots and uniforms of the soldiers of World War II by the Call of Duty game play. The Co-Operative mode unleashes a new and fully original story in a stand alone gaming experience that is full of many adventurous and interesting events.While playing this game one will feel as in the real World War of the history very interesting scenes of soldiers,their uniforms,tanks,armed vehicles,weapons for example shot guns,guns,rifles,rocket launchers,grenades,flash bangs,blood of the soldiers,the weapons remained by the soldiers and many other entertaining sites will be observed while playing it.





                           System Requirements:

*Operating System: Windows 7/8/10/8.1.
*Processor CPU: Core i3 of 3.3 GHZ Processor.
*Memory RAM: 8 Giga Bytes.
*Storage space: 90 GB free available space.
*Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 660 of 2 GB 
*Internet connection: Broad band connection of Internet.
*Direct X: DirectX of Version 11.
*Sound Card required: Sound Card of Direct X Compatible

Installation Instructions:

*First of all download all the parts of the game for example part 1,part 2,part 3 from our given download links don't skip any part it is necessary to download all the parts of the game otherwise the game will show errors or wont start or install normally. Call of duty wwII
*After downloading all the parts of the extract all the files with the help of the winrar extractor to extract the game parts if another winrar file comes then also extract it as we have highly compressed the game for preventing the difficulties in the downloading process
*After extraction process open the files or parts of the game by double clicking on it and select the option which is named as "install" after clicking it the part or the file of the game start installing after installation apply this process to all the parts or files of the game
*When the files has been installed go the destination folder where the game has been installed and search for icon of the game named as ".exe" open it by double clicking on it and an important measure should be taken which is that it should be opened as "administrator" because of the rights which is granted to the administrator of the PC has much significance in opening the game.
*Enjoy your game.



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