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Call of Duty Ghost PC Game Free Download Full Version-Reloaded


Game Info

Call of Duty Ghosts PC Game is an amazing single player shooting game for PC. And is made by the Infinity through the help from the Raven Software and Certain Affinity. Call of Duty Ghosts PC Game is a shooting PC game that is released by the Activision. This game of PC is the 10th part of the Call of Duty game chain. It is a game that has a story, revolves around a story, it was made unrestricted on 5 November, 2K13 for Microsoft Windows , XBOX 360 , Play Station 1.

Game Play

Call of Duty Ghosts PC Game is an amazing shooting video game it is set in a place taking timeline that follows the nuclear demolition in the Middle East. During the play of this video game you will have to be well know that the main character of this game is the group of the ghosts. The players which are referred as the gamers also requires to be familiar with team of ghosts that is some-how related or linked to the special armed forces of army of United States and this team is being commanded by Elias Walker and also as well as the other group-mates of this team that are Logan, Davis, Thomas, Riley and Keegan. As a player one will have to know or findout the story of this game. The player is the commander or the leader of his team and the responsibility of the player is to use his mind,techniques,intelligence,learnings,tactics to complete the objectives and pass the missions or the jobs assigned to him , the great graphics of this game are so amazing and realistic that one will feel the real effect and scenes of the real combats or the wars.In 2017, U.S. Armed force officer Elias Walker tells his adolescent children Hesh and Logan the legend of how the Ghosts, a first class coalition of all U.S. Exceptional Operations units, first showed up. In the interim, in space, Call Of Duty PC game the "Organization of the Americas" commandeer the Orbital Defense Initiative (ODIN),[8] an orbital superweapon that comprises of a system of satellites that use active assault. The Federation utilize it to annihilate a few urban areas in the southwestern United States. American space explorers Baker and Mosley forfeit themselves to self-destruct the space station and keep ODIN from propelling different payloads promote inland. The Walker family barely gets away from the obliteration of San Diego, California. 

Call Of Duty PC game 

After ten years in 2027, the war between the United States and the Federation has been a bleeding stalemate along a front that contains the annihilated urban communities (known as "A dead zone"), which has turned into a war of whittling down as more Federation powers endeavor to break the cutting edges. Notwithstanding, the Americans hold fast, battling close to the previous United States-Mexico outskirt. Hesh and Logan are a piece of a U.S. uncommon unit under the summon of Elias and are joined by Riley, their reliable military-prepared German Shepherd. Amid a mission into No Man's Land, they spot American Federation operator Gabriel Rorke grilling Ghost part Ajax. The siblings meet and join Ghost individuals Thomas Merrick and Keegan Russ, who are meaning to protect Ajax, by striking a Federation base implicit the vestiges of an old stadium yet they arrive past the point of no return and Ajax is executed. 
Call Of Duty PC game 
The siblings come back to Santa Monica, California, where U.S. powers hold out against an ambush from the Federation, and rejoin with their dad, who uncovers himself as the pioneer of the Ghosts. Enrolling his children into the Ghosts, Elias educates them regarding how Rorke was the Ghosts' past boss until the point that Elias was compelled to relinquish him amid a fruitful mission in Caracas to kill previous Federation pioneer General Diego Almagro. The Federation caught and mentally conditioned Rorke, and are currently utilizing him to chase down the Ghosts. 

In the wake of questioning one of Rorke's contacts in Caracas,The Call Of Duty PC game Ghosts strike Rorke's base and catch him, while they are cross examining the previous Ghost on a plane, Federation powers obliterate the plane and protect him. The group arrives in the Yucat√°n Peninsula, where they witness the dispatch of a secretive Federation rocket. The Ghosts at that point invade a Federation base and find intends to make another superweapon. They at that point make critical additions against the Federation, effectively, pulverizing the Federation's Atlas oil stage in Antarctica to draw their armada away, and sinking a destroyer guarding the Brazilian drift. The group breaks into a Federation research facility and finds that the Federation figured out the remaining parts of ODIN into their own orbital barrage framework named AS LOKI.. 

Call Of Duty Ghosts Game for PC , In a final desperate attempt, the U.S. pools all its outstanding powers in a synchronized full scale ambush. While a group of officers board a bus and assume control over the Federation space focus in the Atacama Desert, powers in space assume control over the Federation space station, seize control of LOKI, and turn its weapons on them, crushing Federation powers. Hesh and Logan at that point defy Merrick's requests and seek after Rorke to vindicate their dad. They are apparently fruitful, however the exertion demonstrates purposeless as Rorke survives the experience. Rorke catches Logan and needs to mentally condition him into a kindred Federation specialist.

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System Requirements:

Call Of Duty PC game 
➤ Central Processing Unit (CPU) : Intel Core 2 Duo CPU with a processor of 2.66 Giga Hertz
➤ Random Access Memory (RAM) : 6 Giga Bytes (GB)
➤ Operating System (OS) : Windows 7/8/8.1/10 of 64 bits is needed for the proper functioning of the game with full features.
➤ Graphics Card : Graphics card f NVIDIA or AMD RADEON with a 2 GB Giga Bytes of VRAM should be already present for the game to work
➤ Free Hard Disk Space: 40 Giga Bytes (GB)

Installation Instructions
Call Of Duty PC game 

➤ First of all download all the necessary and essential parts of the game , you should be very conscious while downloading all the game parts, from  our provided download links, these links are resumable and also interchangeable, there fore you can download many parts at the same time
➤ After downloading all the game parts start extracting all of them with the help of winrar file archiver and extractor, extract all the game parts
➤ After extracting the files start installing all the parts by selecting the install option from the rar files.
➤ You should install all the essential software needed for the game to run as, without it the game wont work or install properly
➤ When the game has been installed go to the folder where the game has been installed. 
➤ Search for the game name with .exe icon and open it by double clicking on it
➤ Enjoy the game.


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