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Stranger of Sword City PC Game Highly Compressed Repack Free Download-SKIDROW


Stranger of Sword City PC Game is really named as The Stranger in Alda, and it is a dungeon crawler character-playing video game made by Experience, maker of Demon Gaze, for Microsoft Windows, Xbox-360, PlayStation which is commonly abbreviated as PS and it has many versions for example PS1,2,3,4 Vita and Xbox-1. The Xbox 360 version was released in Japan on the date of 5 in month june at the year 2017, and the Personal Computer which is abbreviated as PC and Play Station Vita version which was made August 2014 and in the month of June in the year 2015. The game was released globally in the year of 2016.

In the Stranger of Sword City PC Game You discover yourself under an unknown and strange environment when you have awaken just awaken after a plane crash. This is Sword City, a mysterious world of dream that mesh the modern technology with magic. discover, create an ideal team, make your level high, and eliminate monsters. But choose the parties you want to form union with cautiously, if you truly want to locate a way that brings back to your home.

In Stranger of Sword City PC Game, you must have the perfect the skills of DRPG and find the way to get all the way through Escario, a place filled with dream races, unfaithful labyrinth and ferocious monsters. discover the labyrinths to come to an end off the influential Lineage sort monsters who recline inside and obtain the Blood Crystals which will help you to add up to your power. Who you make the choice to belief, let it be the Medell Co, the Kingdom, or the stranger Guild, which is completely up to you. But compose your choice intelligently. Your destiny is reliant on it.
In the Stranger of Sword City PC Game you will find yourself in a place which is not known to you, you cams here for the first time, means you are a new one. Make your morale high and up and make those type of ideas and beliefs that may bring you some fruitful results because you have to go back to your home, and not to live with the strange people of the city of Sword because you even don’t known them. Some other members that were also your neighbours passengers in the plane they also met a plane crash you have to make their mentality as well as their hope up and should form a team to make some arrangements to get back to your home safely. 

GamePlay Screenshots Of Strangers Of Sword City                                


System Requirements (Min&Rec)

⦿ Operating System (OS): Microsoft windows vista/ Microsoft windows 7/ Microsoft windows 8 
⦿ Personal computer (PC) Processor: Pentium IV with a processor of about 2.4 Giga Hertz (GHz)
⦿ RAM Random Access Memory: 1 Giga Bytes (GB) of RAM should be initially present
⦿ Graphics card or also known as Video Card: Card of Nvidia or Amd Radon with VRAM of about 256 Mega Bytes (MB)
⦿ Required Version DirectX: Version 9 of DirectX should be present
⦿ Free Hard-Disk space or storage: Free space of about 1 Giga bytes GB should be present for the Strangers of Sword city PC Game
⦿ Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Version compatible sound card should be present

Stranger of Sword City PC Game

⦿ Operating System (OS): Windows 8/7/Vista
⦿ Personal computer (PC) Processor: Core 2 Duo with a processor of about 2.6/2.8 Giga Hertz
⦿ (RAM) Random Access Memory: 2 GB RAM
⦿ Graphics card or also known as Video Card: VRAM 512MB
⦿ Version of DirectX: Version 12 Is included in the requirements
⦿ Requirement of sound card: DirectX  version 12 compatible sound card

How To Download & Install Sword City Game

⦿ Before downloading the Stranger of Sword City PC Game make sure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements to run the game properly.
⦿ Click on the “Download Now” button underneath the page of every game.
⦿ You will be redirected to a page there you should click on the download button again the torrent file will start downloading.
⦿ After the torrent file has been downloaded open it by clicking two times on it.
⦿ You must have Utorrent installed on your personal computer (PC)
⦿ Click on the “OK” button and the downloading of the F1 2017 Racing PC Game will start.
⦿ When all the essential files have been downloaded open the setup and install it.
⦿ When the installation process has been completed go the folder where the game has been installed and open it as “Administrator” 
⦿ Enjoy your game.


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