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Need for Speed Carbon PC Game Download


Need for Speed Carbon PC Game is a PC or personal computer video game which is a part of the series of the Need For Speed which is commonly abbreviated as NFS. This game is present in the market since the November of the year 2006; it can be played from various gaming consoles. That includes Xbox-1,XBox 360,Play station2 & 3.

The latest carbon the valley races and squad racing; at initial it is about as near as possible to stay behind the challenger or it can be also called opponent. In the next part of the race, the rollers are upturned and one has to continue to be accurate for. Whom nearby to his opponent continue to win the race without being crashed or avoiding the car’s crash. In the team race is the thought that there is a team that helps on and off the road. There are three dissimilar team members can have: it includes Scout, Drafters and another player that help us in the road-racing.

The player run his racing car on a way that goes to the city of palmount after evasion the police of city of Rockport, as the memory of the player comes back to the race which he drove about six months ago in opposition to Kenji, Angie, and Wolf. Because the police at the ending of the race came up unexpectedly this has led to the player in any hurry to go away from the city.

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game Free Download Full Version

In the present is the player directed towards the town chased by the police officer named as Cross, whose job now is as a bounty hunter. This adds a little spice and a challenge in the race. The chase ends when abruptly a truck crossways the condition of road and the player’s BMW M3 GTR card has been broken drive, but previous to Cross the player can pick comes Darius screening up with his team. Darius send Cross road in spite of the fact that Nikki (known player) case, which is not glad that he has gone from the city.

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game Free Download Full Version

Darius tell the player that he does is not familiar with what happened on the night of his going away and that he still allocated money from the player. He says that Nikki can assist him to recover his reputation, Nikki protests at first but Darius’ mind is completed up. Nikki allows the player to choose a car and Neville is the first team player. The player has to win by his team area Kenji (Downtown), Angie (Kempton), and Wolf (Fortuna). Each and every player who has just been defeated goes to the team of the other’s player and also tells him what happened at the previous night.

GamePlay Screenshots Of Need For Speed Carbon


System Requirements (Min&Rec)

⦿ Operating System (Windows): Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10
⦿ Central Processing Unit or also called as CPU: CPU of about 1.7 Giga Hertz of processor
⦿ Random Access Memory or RAM: Ram should be about 512 Mega Bytes (MB)
⦿ Video or Graphic Card: INTEL/NVIDIA/AMD Radon/ATI of about 128MB VRAM 
⦿ Free Hard-Disk Space/Storage: 4.7 Giga Bytes (GB)
⦿ Mac Operating System: X 10.4.9

Need For Speed Carbon PC Game

⦿ Central Processing Unit or CPU: 1.83 Giga Hertz
⦿ Needed RAM: 512 Mega Bytes of RAM
⦿ Graphics card: 128Mega Bytes 9MB)
⦿ Free Hard-Disk Storage (HD): 6 Giga Bytes or GB

How To Download & Install Need For Speed Carbon PC Game

➤ Download all of the parts or files of the Need for Speed Carbon PC Game from the mentioned download links
➤ Use “Winrar” file extractor to extract the game’s files also extract all the game parts
➤ Open the “setup.exe” files and open it by clicking twice on it
➤ Select the option of “Install Now” from the given options.
➤ Wait for the Installation to be completed
➤ When the installation has been finished got to the file or folder where it has been installed and search for the NFS Carbon.exe Icon and opens it by clicking twice on it
➤ Enjoy the Need for Speed Carbon PC Game

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