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Call of Duty Black Ops 1 Pc Game Free Download-Skidrow


Call Of Duty Black OPS 1 PC Game  was  developed by Treyarch and published by Activision on november 9. 2010(worldwide). first of all it was released for Playstation, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. After two Years it was released for PC (Operating System) on september 27,2012. it is the seventh version of the Call of Duty PC Game Series and it was released after the Call of Duty World at War.

⦿ Single Player Mode
⦿ Multiplayer Mode
⦿ Zombies Mode

It is based on the on the CIA campaign that is followed by a Person Name as ALEX masion. in Call Of Duty Black OPS 1 PC Game Alex Masion try to attempts to recall some of his old memories that are baseed on the cold war of 1960s, He is the main character of the game with his friend named as Jason Hudson. they both went to Cuba, Russia, United States, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam, and the Arctic Circle for there Mission.Call Of Duty Black OPS 1 PC Game has one most important feature that is MULTIPLAYER gaming mode, You can play on 14 different maps and awardable killstreaks and virtual currency for the improvement of load-out and weapons option.(Walking dead are also present for you "ZOMBIES")
This was all about the game call of duty black ops 1 and now is about the game play.

Call Of Duty Black OPS 1 PC Game holds a title as other Call of duty Games holds it. In this game our player (in single player mode)  was one of soilder from a special forces group, he was conducting a black operation(that is why game. It is named COD:BLACK OPS). He has to conduct many black Operation in many countries Like  Cuba, Russia, United States, Kazakhstan etc

In Call Of Duty Black OPS PC Game. our player  Alex can use many new weapons like Crossbow with bolts , explosive ammuntaions,Dragon's Breath rounds and Ballistic knives.

Players can customize their weaponry in the game, as seen with this customized FAMAS.

The online multiplayer mode of call of duty Black Ops normally have two team  on a specific mission like Team Death-match the team with the most kills wins, while in Capture the Flag, players take the other team's flags and return it to their own base.  As it is been written that call of duty black ops 1 has 14 maps but other new maps can be downloaded form internet.virtual currency has also been added in Call Of Duty Black OPS 1 PC Game.

In Zombies Mode you have to kill the Zombies or otherwise they would kill you, you can get help by getting your friends involved in this great arena full of Zombies For experts. It is although very very Hard but with out allises you can a good game. tip(don't reload at the end but reload after every wave)

GamePlay Screenshots Of BlackOps 1                                        


System Requirements (Min&Rec)

⦿ Operating system: Microsoft windows 7, Microsoft windows 8, Microsoft windows 8.1, Microsoft windows 10 all of these versions should be of 64-bits
⦿ Computer or PC Processor: Intel Core 2 duo with a processor of about 2.0 Giga hertz or higher
⦿ Random Access Memory or also known as RAM: 1 Giga Bytes (GB) of RAM should be present
⦿ Graphics or Video card: Card of about 256 Mega Bytes of VRAM of any brand including Nvidia,Intel,Amd Radon,ATI
⦿ Free Hard Disk space/sotrage: About 7 Giga Bytes should be the available space before installation of Call Of Duty Black OPS PC Game.

How To Download & Install Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 Game

⦿ First of all download the torrent file from the given download links which is present at the bottom of every page including Call Of Duty Black OPS PC Game. and just click on it.
⦿ After the torrent file has been downloaded then open it by clickin gtwo times on it this will open the Utorrent and it will ask to start the download, click on the ok button and the downloading will start
⦿ After the game has been downloaded install it by extracting the files 
⦿ After installation open the Call of Duty Black OPS.exe icon as administrator
⦿ Enjoy your game

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